A communicative pill box system designed especially for Jocelyn.


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Elleyce Pahang, Erica Lee, Zixing Guo


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UX/UI, UX Research, Videography, Graphic Design, Industrial Design


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8 Weeks


Eight weeks of intensive research and design culminated into PillPal, a pillbox and app system designed to work together to accommodate the needs of Jocelyn, our participant. The project's goals were to focus on different design methods of research, to build empathy with our user participant, and to address the user's area of difficulty in the Health and Wellness category. 




A communicative pill box.

We designed a portable pillbox that uses Bluetooth to link with PillPal’s app and photosensors to recognize if Jocelyn has taken her pills on time. The box and app work together to keep Jocelyn on a consistent pill-taking schedule. 


A streamlined scheduling process.

In order to simplify the process of connecting Jocelyn’s pill schedule to the PillPal app, our app utilizes the  pharmacy-issued barcodes on Jocelyn’s pill bottles. After taking a picture of the barcode, the app uses the pill schedule information already provided by pharmacies to automatically update Jocelyn’s pill schedule.



A family-inclusive system.

At the end of each week, the app also sends an overview of Jocelyn’s pill  results to the trusted family members of her choice. This is to keep her family, our user’s greatest motivation, involved and informed on Jocelyn’s health. 

A portable and accessible design.

During our Participatory Design Workshop with Jocelyn, we found that her ideal pillbox size would be that of a clutch wallet. Her current pillbox was much thicker and bulkier than a wallet easily slipped into her handbag. Because Jocelyn needs her pills even on the go, we made sure to focus in on the design of the pillbox itself. This also included simply having a lid that opened all compartment lids at once. This way, Jocelyn could easily refill her pills each week.

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